Thunder & Lightning (Aka Gravenites Cipollina Band) - 1984-03-31 (2 sets) - Stanhope House - Stanhope - New Jersey

[b]Set List:[/b]
[b]Disc One (Time 60:10m):[/b]
[b]First Set (10:26 PM)[/b]
[b]01.  Blues In The Bottle[/b]
[b]02.  Pride Of Man[/b]
[b]03.  Broke Down Blues (?)[/b]
[b]04.  Blues Back Off[/b]
[b]05.  Run Out Of West[/b]
[b]06.  Small Walk-In Box[/b]
[b]07.  Four Floors Or Forty[/b]
[b]08.  I'm A Dancing Fool[/b]
[b]09.  Right Hand World (?)[/b]
[b]10.  Break Song[/b]
[b]Disc Two (Time 44:23m):[/b]
[b]Second Set (11:59 PM)[/b]
[b]01.  Walkin' Blues[/b]
[b]02.  Six Weeks In Reno[/b]
[b]03.  I Did It For The Band[/b]
[b]04.  You Can't Hurt Me No More[/b]
[b]05.  Who Do Your Love?[/b]
[b]06.  Bad Luck Baby[/b]
[b]Disc Three (Time 46:04m):[/b]
[b]Second Set (cont.)[/b]
[b]01.  Fantasy World[/b]
[b]02.  Unknown Instrumental[/b]
[b]03.  I'll Pull The Trigger[/b]
[b]04.  Trouble In Mind[/b]
[b]05.  Mona[/b]
[b]06.  Momma Don't Allow Me (?)[/b]
[b]John Cipollina - guitar & vocals[/b]
[b]Nick Gravenites - guitar & lead vocals[/b]
[b]Greg Elmore - drums [/b]
[b]Doug Kilmer - bass[/b]

[b]The "Stanhope House" was a fabulous roadhouse in Northwest New Jersey, near Lake[/b]
[b]Hopatcong. They booked an eclectic bunch of rock, blues, country, and folk acts. The[/b]
[b]area was beautiful, very rural, and the atmosphere in the club was very relaxed. I saw[/b]
[b]quite a few acts there, covering many of those genres. Sound and sightlines were [/b]
[b]good, especially if you got there early, and snagged a good table. I heard that it closed[/b]
[b]not too long ago, which is a real shame. There were usually two sets, which often made[/b]
[b]for a very late evening. [/b]
[b]This was my first time to see John Cipollina, and my favorite of the three bands I saw him[/b]
[b]perform with. The added bonus was Nick Gravenites, who I also thought was super. I met[/b]
[b]John prior to the show, and had him autograph a few things for me. He was incredibly [/b]
[b]nice, and must have talked to me for half an hour about his career. He would often do[/b]
[b]some calligraphy on whatever he signed, as well as his autograph. A great, and very[/b]
[b]underappreciated player. The last time I was at the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland,[/b]
[b]they had his Gibson SG with his wild amplification system, with all the horns, on display.(Comment & original post by bpthree....Many Thanks) [/b]
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