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Crystal Bowersox - All That For This (2013)

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Label - Shanachie

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Crystal Bowersox - All That For This (2013)

Artist.: Crystal Bowersox
Albumn.: All That For This
Label.: Shanachie
Genre.: Pop
StoreDate: Mar-26-2013
Source: CDDA
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Lame 3.98.4 V0 VBR Joint-Stereo
Total Playing Time: 51:00

Editorial Reviews
Crystal Bowersox has made it her mission to live life and her music to the fullest. With a gentle warmth and wisdom well beyond her years, the consummate artist has an uncompromising vision of herself and her music that is refreshing and rare. It is this fortitude and courageous spirit that resonated with millions night after night when the 2010 American Idol runner up took the stage. Her rich amalgam of blues, country, folk and rock makes her one of the most dynamic young voices in music to come along in years. She has performed alongside everyone from Harry Connick Jr., Joe Cocker, and Alanis Morrisette, to Michael Franti, John Popper and BB King. All That For This, Crystal Bowersox s sophomore release and Shanachie Entertainment debut, is a powerful testament to her talents as both a singer and songwriter, as well as her unerring musical vision. It is the manifestation of her own womanhood and enlightenment won through hard fought battles, failures and triumphs. It is the belief that listening to your own inner voice will lead you where you need to be. I am learning not to judge music and myself so harshly and to not allow myself to be swayed by others judgment. I’m trying to listen to my own instincts more often. I can t convince someone who doesn’t like my music to like it, but for the people who do, I want to play them another song, she says smiling. Until now, the world has witnessed only a portion of Crystal Bowersoxs talent, which was channeled through mainstream pop expectations on her debut release, Farmer s Daughter. With the highly anticipated release of All That For This (March 26, 2013), produced by Steve Berlin (Los Lobos, Sheryl Crow, John Lee Hooker, Raul Malo), Bowersox exposes a new dimension of her music. There are definitely more happier light-hearted moments on this record, confides the 27-year-old Portland transport. There are also touches of some of the darkest places and emotional states that I’ve been in my past. This album reveals a much more grateful and gracious side of me. It’s the next chapter of my life.

Track List
01 Dead Weight
02 Movin’ On
03 Everything Falls Into Place
04 Home
05 Someday
06 I Am
07 Shine
08 Til The Whiskey’s Gone
09 Amen For My Friends
10 Stitches (Feat. Jakob Dylan)
11 Here’s Where The Story Ends
12 All That For This

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