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Guitar Jack - Losin' Hand (2000)

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Genre - Blues

Music Style: : Electric Blues

Price : EUR

Label - Mango Records

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Artist - Guitar Jack
Album - Losin' Hand
Year - 2000
Format -
Country -
Code - OD-K-103930

Guitar Jack - Losin' Hand (2000)
Released: 2000
Styles: Modern Electric Blues
Label: Mango Records

01. I Just Wanna Make Love (3:00)
02. Roadhouse (3:29)
03. Please Baby Please (4:10)
04. Movin' On (3:49)
05. Inventory Blues (4:11)
06. Shipwrecked (4:10)
07. Stricken (4:23)
08. Europa (5:38)
09. Come Back Baby (4:26)
10. First Love (4:10)
11. Color Blind (7:09)
12. Anytime (4:44)
13. Always Be Cool (1:45)
14. My Love (3:52)

When Guitar Jack plays the soulful sounds of his electric guitar, he leaves audiences around the world wanting more. His expressive guitar sounds produce melodies that can burn up any stage. Tremendously versatile in his style of playing, Guitar Jack is one of the hottest blues and R&B guitar players in recent years and is appealing to broader audiences.

Guitar Jack received his first guitar at the age of ten. After collecting almost three books of Top-Value Stamps from numerous trips to the supermarket, his mother had finally saved enough to trade them in for Jack's first guitar. Guitar Jack went from playing with classmates in his hometown Scranton, PA, to playing at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame with Billy Preston. Still, Guitar Jack's playing has not stopped there...

Throughout his career, Guitar Jack has shared the stage with various blues greats, including Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Hank Ballard & the Midnighters, Cash McCall, Smokey Wilson, and Jimmy Witherspoon. In addition, Guitar Jack has recorded with the legendary The Jacksons, Ray Charles and Billy Preston.. Currently, Guitar Jack is busy with his own band, Guitar Jack & No Slack, which plays a mixture of blues and R&B.

Guitar Jack & No Slack's two albums "LOSIN' HAND" and "RECORDED LIVE AT B. B. KINGS" features tracks of hard hittin' funky blues, some are original compositions by Guitar Jack. These album features the high-energy playing of the veteran musicians of Guitar Jack & No Slack, which includes members of LTD, as well as special appearances by guest artists. "LOSIN' HAND" is currently being played on Los Angeles radio stations, KPFK and KUCI, as well as on stations in Las Vegas, NV, Mammoth, CA, and Scranton, PA. Guitar Jack & No Slack has opened shows for blues guitarists Chris Cain and Arthur Adams, and veteran vocalists Eric Burdon and Finis Tasby. Guitar Jack & No Slack is a jammin' band that has pleased audiences at the top Los Angeles clubs, B.B. Kings' Club, The Mint, and The Lighthouse. Their unique presentation delights the audience at taping of the television shows "Will & Grace," "Good Morning Miami" and "Regular Joe."

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