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Sometimes Y 7\" (1982, Jane Bear)

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For those of you squeamish about vinyl surface noise, this sucker's gonna hurt.  There are more snaps and pops on these two tracks than you can shake a record stylus at, but when it comes to Sometimes Y, I take whatever I can get.  When I shared their 1984 full length, One Fell Swoop a few years ago, I was under the impression they were based in the Twin Cities, when in fact it now appears they resided one state away in Wisconsin, Madison to be exact.  All geographic concerns aside, I found their jangly, left of the dial panache to be more than appealing.  For the uninitiated I would start with ...Swoop (linked above), but these tidbits are worthy of your attention as well.  Seeing fit to put a jagged and mildly dissonant instrumental, "I.L.T. Smoke," on side A, the real prize is on the flip.  "Crazy Dancer" tinkers with half a white-boy reggae beat, but moreover, sports an unmistakable Costello-esque ethos.  And it works.  BTW, I'm missing the picture sleeve.

While we're on the subject of Sometimes Y, occasionally I see original copies of the band's demo tapes floating around on Ebay - with exorbitant asking prices attached.  If any of you have some of these in your possession and have the inclination to convert them to digital please get in touch!  More recently the band released (1981) in 2003, which is available from CD Baby.  On top of that, more Sometimes Y is to follow.

A. I.L.T. Smoke
B. Crazy Dancer


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