Kim Wilde - Select (remastered With Bonus Tracks)2009 MP3/Flac

Kim Wilde - Select (remastered With Bonus Tracks)2009 Artist: Kim Wilde
Genre: Pop , 80's Pop, Female Solo
Date of Release: 20th Apr 2009 Format: CD ALBUM
Record Label: Cherry Red
Catalogue No: CRPOP21
Country of Origin: UK quality: VBR/44,1Hz/Joint-Stereo

1. Ego
2. Words Fell Down
3. Action City
4. View From A Bridge
5. Just A Feeling
6. Chaos At The Airport
7. Take Me Tonight
8. Can You Come Over
9. Wendy Sadd
10. Cambodia Reprise

Bonus Recordings:
11. Watching For Shapes
12. Cambodia - Single Version
13. Child Come Away
14. Just Another Guy
15. Bitter Is Better