SidNoKarb - Hidden Potential MP3/Flac

SidNoKarb - Hidden Potential

Artist: SidNoKarb
Title: Hidden Potential
Genre: Electro, Fidget
Release date: 24/04/2009
Quality: 320kbps/44,1khz/Joint Stereo
Size: 175 mb (rar)
Type: 15 tracks
Uploaded: RGhost/iFolder

01. Kid Dub & Dextress - Perverted Ways (Miles Dyson's Dominatrix mix)
02. Benny Benassi - I am not drunk (Bloody Beetroots remix)
03. Jade Electra - Bitch you look fierse (2009 Jon-E Industrys Fugly remix)
04. Jon-E Industrys - Keep it gangsta (Rekka's G'd up Swagger remix)
05. Max Freegrant - In my mind (dj Mix Master flash radio bootleg)
06. MicPerry - Have a nice day (Calvertron dub mix)
07. One2twelve - Backdraft (original mix)
08. Mixhell - Highly Expicit (Huoratron remix)
09. Orjaan Landers - Dark of electro (Fucked original mix)
10. Wesson - Back in biz (2009 relifted)
11. The Bulgarian ft. Spoek - Crazy dog biscuit (Kink remix)
12. Kyle Watson - Doubting you (Tom EQ Trust mix)
13. SCNDL - Drama (FuKKK Offf remix)
14. Mikix The Cat - Movin Around (original mix)
15. HeavyFeet - Killa (original mix)

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