High Tension Unofficial Soundtrack MP3/Flac

High Tension Unofficial Soundtrack

The score from the film High Tension (aka Haute Tension) is not available for purchase at all because EuropaCorp never produced an official soundtrack, which is a shame because the composer, François Eudes-Chanfrault, isn't getting the attention he deserves. It is not available for download on the net anywhere (or if it is, I haven't found it).

But here, I have created an unofficial High Tension soundtrack with a few pieces of music from the film as well as the songs.

1. Faustina Mauricio Mercedes, Part IV (3:43)
2. "Sara Perche Ti Amo" - Ricchi E Poveri (3:10)
3. "I Believe" - Scott Nickole/Jamie Dunlap/Molly Pasutti/Marc Ferrari; Killer Tracks (3:47)
4. Faustina Mauricio Mercedes (excerpt) (3:17)
5. "Runaway Girl (Just Another Girl)" - U Roy (3:47)
6. Paris Nice (4:05)
7. Celebration A2 (2:57)
8. "A Tout Les Filles" - Didier Barbelivien & Félix Gray (4:15)
9. "Pillow Talk" - Arch Bacon; Killer Tracks (1:33)
10. Out of the Mundial (6:16)
11. "New Born" - Muse (6:05)

High Tension Unofficial Soundtrack

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