Yannis Spathas - Street Secrets 1999 MP3/Flac

Yannis Spathas - Street Secrets 1999
Here is his first personal album titled Street Secrets with guest singer Haris Alexiou.
Yannis Spathas is one of the greatest quitar players in Greece well known from his past group ???Socrates”.
On this personal album he combines all the music themes from the past years that he loved until today.
01 Στα Μισά Του Δρόμου (Χάρις Αλεξίου)- Half the Way
02 Παξοί - Paxi-An Island
03 Η Φίλη Μου Νύχτα - My Friend the Night
04 Ο Ορίζοντας Που Δεν Εχω Δεί - Horizon I??™ve Never Seen
05 Ο Μάγος - Wizard
06 Αγρυπνη Πόλη - Sleepless City
07 Τα Μυστικά Του Δρόμου - Street Secrets
08 Μια Γαλάζια Μέρα - Blue Day
09 Ταξίδι Χωρίς Τέλος - Endless Voyage
10 Χορός Στο Χώμα - Dance on the Ground
11 Γράμμα Στους Παλιόφιλους - Letter to Old Friends

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