Italo Disco - Just A Story MP3/Flac

Italo Disco - Just A Story

Italo Disco - Just A Story
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01-Mike Rogers - Just A Story (6m 46s)
02-Karl Otto - Promise Of Love (6m 20s)
03-B.D. Scott - How (7m 17s)
04-Clio - Faces (12'') (5m 38s)
05-Malcolm & The Bad Girls - Shoot Me (6m 09s)
06-Jimmy Bo Horne - Spank ('85 Remix) (7m 42s)
07-The Creatures - Machine's Drama (7m 21s)
08-Joy Michael - Dancin' (5m 43s)
09-Pinto - Sing A Song Of Joy (4m 57s)
10-Konty - Through The Night (5m 40s)
11-Rick Layne - Like Heaven (Club Mix) (6m 30s)
12-Michael Jass - Venice & Moonlight (3m 58s)

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