Rednex - The Best Of The West - 2002 MP3/Flac

Rednex - The Best Of The West - 2002

Rednex is a Swedish manufactured techno-country band. They had an international novelty hit with the song "Cotton Eye Joe" in 1994. Although extremely popular in the Netherlands, Austria, and more specifically, Sweden--scoring such hits as "Old Pop in an Oak" and "Wish You Were Here,"--"Cotton Eye Joe" remains Rednex's sole hit in the United States.
Rednex was initially the brainchild of Swedish producers Janne Ericsson, Örjan "Öban" Öberg, and Pat Reiniz,[1] who decided to try mixing country music with eurodance. The name "Rednex" was chosen as a misspelling of the word "rednecks". They reworked the traditional folk song "Cotton-Eyed Joe" into a dance song and released it in 1994, to huge worldwide success. This started the Country House music fad which lasted for a few years afterward.
They recorded their songs with studio musicians and a group of redneck role players, to represent the group, were put together. Over the years, these performers have come and gone, and as of 2007 there have been 15 different role players. Though they were not involved in the actual music making in the beginning (except for the female vocalists, who have always sung on the records), they are responsible for the Rednex image and live shows as a whole, and thus are considered just as much part of the group as the actual musicians. An album titled Sex & Violins (the first album) followed the hit song, and Rednex went on to score other hits in Europe from that album (notably the up-tempo "Old Pop in an Oak" and the ballad "Wish You Were Here"). However, "Cotton Eye Joe" remains their only U.S. hit as of 2006

Label: Zomba Records
Catalog#: 9224572
Format: CD
Country: Europe
Released: 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Euro House, Disco


1 Cotton Eye Joe 2002
Co-producer - Krusher K.
2 Spirit Of The Hawk (F.A.F. Radio Mix)
3 Old Pop In An Oak
4 Wish You Were Here
Producer - Denniz Pop , Max Martin
5 Are You Strong Enough?
6 The Way I Mate
7 The Song Of Silence
8 Love Me Or Leave Me
9 The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Co-producer - H.J. Sperwer
10 Ride The Hurricane's Eye
11 Hold Me For A While
12 The Chase
13 Cotton Eye Joe (Original Version)
14 Rolling Home
Producer - Michael B. Tretow
15 Wild And Free
Producer - Anders Hansson

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