Pastel Six - The Cinnamon Cinder [1963] MP3/Flac

Pastel Six - The Cinnamon Cinder [1963]

Pastel Six - The Cinnamon Cinder [1963]

Phil Dirt; Having previously only heard their hit single "Cinnamon Cinder" and it's instro B-side "Bandito," I had little to base an understanding of the band on, and even less to justify their reported extreme popularity as house band at Bob Eubanks' "Cinnamon Cinder" club. After listening to this whole CD, it becomes clear that they were one fun band, unpretentious, and utterly silly. They embraced the pure fun or rock 'n' roll without any pretext of art - just good fun. From this new view, I can easily see how they were the party band of choice on weekend nights at the CC. This is the sort of band that creates a perfect backdrop for your party, not the sort of band you'd sit listening to, mesmerized by the artistry. Too too fun. Oh, yeah, besides the handful of totally fun pop vocals, there are a bunch of really cool instros as well.

A very good instrumental album re-released in 1998, just only a few tracks are related to surf but if you like the oldies you will like this oneā€¦

Track list;
(01) Cinnamon Cinder (It's A Very Nice Dance). 2:03
(02) Richard's Bounce. 2:36
(03) Open House. 2:17
(04) Little Girl. 2:17
(05) Cotton High. 2:13
(06) Slow Bandito. 2:35
(07) Take It Off. 2:31
(08) A Week From Tuesday. 2:03
(09) By Golly. 2:13
(10) Karelia. 2:50
(11) Open House At The Cinder. 2:16
(12) Peppermint Stick. 2:16
(13) Hot Dogger. 1:57
(14) Twitchin'. 2:35
(15) Don't Leave Me. 3:19
(16) Rendezvous Rods. 2:37
(17) Strange Ghost. 2:47
(18) Surfer Smooch (aka Heidi). 2:39
(19) Bandito. 2:23
(20) Braham's Nightmare. 2:27

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