Dory Previn - Reflections in a Mud Puddle MP3/Flac

Dory Previn - Reflections in a Mud Puddle

As promised before, I am back with another glorious DORY PREVIN album to share... The last 2 posts I did got an amazing response, so here we are with her third release titled REFLECTIONS IN A MUD PUDDLE from 1971... This is her second album to come out that year, as DORY was not suffering from writer's block at all... One thing I love about her music, aside from the incredibly amusing lyrics, is her selection of song titles which are always original and brilliant... This woman may have been considered to have a screw loose, but on the other hand, she was so together when it came to songwriting and creating vivid imagery... So even if there's a song that maybe doesn't "do it" for you exactly, you still have to give her an A for effort... She was a true original, to say the least...

This album is only 10 songs long with a running time under 32 minutes, yet the stories presented to us are quite a lot to take in... While the first half of the record is about people that DORY has met, midway through we learn of her Father's passing, which then takes us on a trip back through her childhood for the remainder of the listen... Once again, DORY relies on her songwriting abilities as a form of therapy, when she speaks of her struggles to appease her parents, primarily her Father... When this was originally released, Side 2 was titled TAPS, TREMORS AND TAPSTEPS (ONE LAST DANCE FOR MY FATHER) which basically sums up her juvenescence... I know, it all sounds like some pretty heavy stuff... But it's really an amazing listen and yet another chance to bear witness to the mad genius that is DORY PREVIN...
The New Enzyme Detergent Demise of Ali MacGraw
The Talkative Woman and the Two Star General
The Altruist and the Needy Case
Play It Again Sam
The Earthquake In Los Angeles (February, 1971)
The Final Flight of the Hindenburg (May, 1937)
I Dance and Dance and Smile and Smile
The Air Crash In New Jersey

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