Freemason (You Broke The Promise) BOXCAR EDIT BY MAXX MP3/Flac

Freemason (You Broke The Promise) BOXCAR EDIT BY MAXX

Boxcar were an Australian Sydney-based synth pop and techno band. Formed in the mid-1980s in Brisbane by main songwriter, guitarist and vocalist David Smith, he was soon joined by keyboardists Brett Mitchell and Carol Rohde and somewhat later by drummer-percussionist Crispin Trist. They initially released several cassette-only releases including an album, P.C.M., and their early material had an industrial music sensibility heavily influenced by Cabaret Voltaire and Severed Heads. They were also notable for playing many live shows in the Brisbane area and around the country, including shows where they performed wearing gas masks. Performing electronic music live was a difficult feat given the preference in Australian live venues for guitar-driven pub rock and they would sometimes be jeered by members of the crowd.

They rose to prominence after releasing the single Freemason (You Broke The Promise) in 1988 after signing with Volition Records, and hit #8 in the United States Billboard dance music chart. Initially criticised in the local press for being derivative of New Order they nevertheless built a local following, despite a lack of commercial radio airplay for electronic music.

Freemason (You Broke The Promise) would later appear on their 1990 debut album for Volition Records, Vertigo, which also included a two other late 80's singles, Insect and Gas Stop (Who Do You Think You Are?). This is a fantastic rare 80's electronic dance track from a band who could have possibly put out more great records if they had continued on.

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