UB40 - 1998 - Labour of Love III MP3/Flac

UB40 - 1998 - Labour of Love III
Track List:

1. Holly Holy" (original by Neil Diamond)
2. "It's My Delight" (original by The Melodians)
3. "Come Back Darling" (original by Johnny Osbourne)
4. "Never Let You Go"
5. "Soul Rebel" (original by Bob Marley)
6. "My Best Girl" (original by The Paragons)
7. "Good Ambition" (original by The Ethiopians)
8. "The Train Is Coming"
9. "Blood And Fire" (original by Niney the Observer)
10. "Mr. Fix It" (original by Max Romeo)
11. "Stay A Little Bit Longer" (original by Delano Smith)
12. "Someone Like You"
13. "The Time Has Come" (original by Slim Smith)
14. "Crying Over You" (original by Ken Boothe)
15. "Legalize It" (original by Peter Tosh)

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