Deep Purple - Deep Purple in Rock - 25th Anniversary Edition [remastered] (1970 / 1995) MP3/Flac

Deep Purple in Rock (also known as In Rock) is an album by English rock band Deep Purple, released in June 1970. It was their fourth studio album, and the first with the classic Mk II lineup. Deep Purple in Rock was their breakthrough album in Europe and would peak at #4 in the UK, remaining in the charts for months.

Deep Purple's earlier work ranged from psychedelic hard rock to orchestra-driven tracks and covers that ranged from The Beatles to Neil Diamond, among others, but on this record all tracks are credited to the five members of the band. "Speed King" and "Flight of the Rat" are hard rock songs, and the 10-minute epic "Child in Time", perhaps the most famous song from this record, would be a concert staple for years to come.

Although "Into the Fire" and "Speed King" were featured on the set lists at the time, "Child in Time" was the only song from this album that was included on Made in Japan two years later (although "Speed King" was the usual encore and is featured on the expanded CD re-issue, as is "Black Night" which was included in the Deep Purple in Rock re-issue).

The cover depicts the band in a rock sculpture inspired by Mount Rushmore.

In 2000 Q magazine placed the album at number 78 in its list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever.

Jon Lord used both the Leslie speaker, and a Marshall amplifier with his Hammond organ, therefore the organ sound varies a lot throughout the songs. (Example: "Living Wreck" - Leslie speaker, "Hard Lovin' Man" - Marshall amplifier).

Ritchie Blackmore used a Gibson guitar on "Child in Time", not his usual Fender Stratocaster. This album is his favorite, along with Machine Head.

In some countries including Mexico, Deep Purple in Rock also included "Black Night", a single recorded during the sessions.

The US release of the album cut the intro to Speed King, lasting just over a minute. It remains edited on the standard Warner Bros. US release, but is restored to full length on the 25th anniversary package.

"Speed King" is not a cover, however many of its lyrics are borrowed from popular oldies, including "Good Golly Miss Molly", "Tutti Frutti", and "The Battle of New Orleans".