Ken Laszlo - Totally [exclusive] MP3/Flac

Ken Laszlo - Totally [exclusive]

Ken Laszlo - Totally - Exclusive CD
© 2009 - VBR 256/320 Kbps/ - 167 MB

01 Hey Hey Guy (Swedish Mega Mix) (7m 35s)
02 Glasses Man (Extended Original) (6m 03s)
03 Don't Cry (Swedish Remix) (6m 35s)
04 (Extended Vocal Remix) (6m 03s)
05 Everybody Is Dancing (Extended Vocal) (7m 14s)
06 Tonight (Italo Remix 2) (7m 23s)
07 Madame (Extended Version) (6m 17s)
08 Red Man (Extended Version) (5m 54s)
09 Tarzan Boy (Single Version) (3m 50s)
10 Glasses Man (Russian Mix) (7m 11s)
11 Tonight (Italian Re-Remix) (7m 26s)
12 Hey Hey Guy (Dub Version) (7m 11s)

Art cover and selection by Max Magalhes
Digital Remastered - 24 Bit

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