Sarah Brightman - The Trees They Grow So Hight (1988) MP3/Flac

Sarah Brightman - The Trees They Grow So Hight (1988)

Artist: Sarah Brightman
Title Of Album: The Trees They Grow So Hight
Year Of Release: 1988
Label: EMI
Genre: Classical crossover, pop
Format: MP3
Quality: 192 kbps I 44.1 Khz I Stereo
Total Time: 52 min 43 sec
Total Size: 75.5 mb

::: TRACKS :::

1. "Early One Morning
2. "Come You Not from Newcastle?" Hullah's Song-Book (English)
3. "Sweet Polly Oliver" Old English tune
4. "The Trees They Grow So High" Somerset folksong
5. "The Ash Grove" Welsh tune
6. "O Waly, Waly" from Somerset - Cecil Sharp
7. "How Sweet the Answer" The Wren (Moore's Irish Melodies)
8. "The Plough Boy" by W. Shield
9. "Voici le Printemps"
10."The Last Rose of Summer" Groves of Blarney (Moore's Irish Melodies)
11."Belle, Est au Jardin d'Amour"
13."Dear Harp of My Country!" Kate Tyrrel (Moore's Irish Melodies)
14."Little Sir William" Somerset folksong
15."O Can Ye Sew Cushions?" Scottish tune
16."Oft in the Stilly Night" Moore's Irish Melodies
17."Quand J'Étais Chez Mon Père"
18."There's None to Soothe" Hullah's Song-Book (Scottish)
19."Oliver Cromwell" Nursery rhyme from Suffolk

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