Svend Asmussen&Orquesta MP3/Flac

Svend Asmussen&Orquesta

Since we are in Germany, we have walked up on the map up to Denmark (already in the Scandinavian area) to meet with a record by Svend Asmussen. Sven is a jazz violinist aged more than 90 years, who played in his good old days together with the best musicians of the genre where he was lovingly known as "The Fiddling Viking". He also recorded some disks of pop music like the one I present now containing four Italian tunes very famous by the end of the 50s. Don’t miss these covers in swing!

(Catalogue): Philips 420 079 PE (España)
(Edition): 1958

Cara (Side) 1

01 Buona sera
02 Nel blu dipinto di blu / Volare / En el cielo pintado de azul

Cara (Side) 2

03 La piu bella del mondo / La más bella del mundo
04 Fantastica

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