Andy Russell con la Orquesta de Chucho Zarzosa MP3/Flac

Andy Russell  con la Orquesta de Chucho Zarzosa

The Glenn Miller Orchestra made unforgettable the theme Moonlight Serenade but probably no other cover sung in Spanish has surpassed the one performed by Andy Russell. The great blooming of rock&roll in the 50s made Andy to loose his high position in USA, his home country. Then he moved to Mexico and there sung for his numerous Spanish-speaking audience. This disk belongs to that epoch. About this production, the precious accompanying of the Chucho Zarzosa Orchestra must be detached.

(Catalogue): RCA 3-2204B
(Edition): sin fecha/no date (1956)

Cara (Side) 1

01 Serenata a la luz de la luna / Moonlight Serenade
02 Al fin / At Last

Cara (Side) 2

02 Oye / Hey, There
03 Destino

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