Line Renaud con la Orquesta de Franck Pourcel - Frou-Frou MP3/Flac

Line Renaud  con la Orquesta de Franck Pourcel  - Frou-Frou

The history of the song Frou-Frou comes from far, nothing less than from 1889 when Henri Chatau wrote and premiered it in a café-concert at Paris. Since then, both the title and the lyrics have changed according to circumstances until to be fixed as Frou-Frou in the 1920s. Today is the music par excellence to define the Paris of the Belle Epoque of the beginning of the 20th century. Then, it is not estrange at all that one of the most excellent French voices of “les varietés”, Line Renaud, included it in her repertory especially after the international success of the German film “Frou-Frou” (Augusto Gennina, 1955).

(Catalogue): Pathé 45EMA 40.026
(Edition): sin fecha/no date (1956?)

Cara (Side) 1

01 Frou-Frou
02 Las cosas más bellas de la vida / On the sunny side of the street

Cara (Side) 2

03 Tus ojos azules / Tes yeux bleus
04 La pequeña amazona / La pettite amazonne

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