Wind - Discography (1985-2007) Schlager Disco Hits MP3/Flac

Wind - Discography (1985-2007) Schlager Disco Hits

The group was started in 1985 by the composer Hanne Haller. The other members of the band at that time were Alexander "Ala" Heiler, Christine von Kutschenbach, Rainer H?glmeier, Willie Jakob, Sami Kalifa and Petra Scheeser.

The group has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany three times. The first time was shortly after the formation of the band, in Eurovision 1985. With the song F?r alle they finished second, just behind the winning duo Bobbysocks from Norway. In 1987 Wind returned to the contest, performing Lass die Sonne in dein Herz in Brussels, Belgium. Once again they achieved a second place, this time behind Johnny Logan who represented Ireland. Lass die Sonne in dein Herz has since become the band's trademark tune, including welcoming visitors to their official website. Wind entered Eurovision for a third time in 1992 in Malm?, Sweden, with the song Tr?ume sind f?r alle da. This time they were not as successful, finishing 16th of 23 participants. According to John Kennedy O'Connor in his book The Eurovision Song Contest: The Official History, [1] Wind are the only act to ever finish second in the contest on two occasions.

The group is a heavy hit-producing band. In the period since 1997 they have released more than 15 singles.

As of 2006, Wind consists of Andreas Lebbing (who sang lead on Lass die Sonne in dein Herz in the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest), Nastasja Markinovic, Albert Oberloher, and Iris Criens.

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Wind - Discography (1985-2007)

* F?r alle (For all, 1985)
* St?rmische Zeiten (Stormy times, 1985)
* Jeder hat ein Recht auf Liebe (Everybody's got a right for love, 1987)
* Lass die Sonne in dein Herz (Let the sun into your heart, 1987)
* Let the Sun Shine in Your Heart (1987)
* Alles klar (Everything ready, 1989)
* Frischer Wind (New efforts, lit. Fresh wind, 1998)
* Hitze (Heat, 1990)
* Total verliebt (Totally in love, 1994)
* Mit Herz und Seele (With heart and soul, 1995)
* Die ganze Nacht an dich gedacht (The whole night though of you, 2000)
* Sonnenklar (As clear as the sun, 2001)
* Kein Weg zu weit (No way to long, 2002)
* Nur mit dir und sofort (Only with you and right now, 2002)
* Mach mich an (Turn me on, 2004)
* Sonne auf der Haut (Sun on the sking, 2004)
* Wunderbar (Wonderful, 2004)
* Nimm mich mit (Take me with you, 2005)
* Sch?n war die Zeit (Times were beautiful, 2007)
* F?r alle (For all, 2007 - differs from 1985 album and features the most recent members of the group)