The Residents - Meet the Residents (1973) MP3/Flac

The Residents - Meet the Residents (1973)

The Residents - Meet the Residents (1973)

The next album for Halloween mania on the blog is, of course, from The Residents-- one of the creepiest bands ever. Their music has been continuing to evolve for over 30 years and the group is always shrouded in mystery. They've continually pioneered electronic usage in music along with craftmanship that's become a big influence on a wide range of artists.

The Residents' legendary first full length album came out on their label,
Ralph Records, in 1973. Supposedly the name came from a rejection letter from a label who had them listed as "the Residents of" on the address. Another fun rumor is that EMI threatened to sue for the usage of the Beatles album cover but George Harrison and Ringo Starr are rumored to have loved it and bought copies (The cover was later changed but still referenced The Beatles by listing band members as "John Crawfish, George Crawfish, Paul McCrawfish, and Ringo Starfish"). This has always been my personal favorite album from the group as, while they are establishing their anonymity, they are also still very primal and their theatrics exist more in the music than in the performance art and props (which is also an incredible and important period for them). This group is essential Halloween music and there's a good chance this isn't the only album I'll upload from them this month.

Numb Erone
Guylum Bardot
Breath and Length
Consuelo's Departure
Smelly Tongues
Rest Aria
Spotted Pinto Bean
Infant Tango
Seasoned Greetings
N-er-gee (Crisis Blues)

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