Spangle call Lilli line - PURPLE & ISOLATION (2008) MP3/Flac

Spangle call Lilli line - PURPLE & ISOLATION (2008)

Spangle call Lilli line - PURPLE & ISOLATION (2008)

Genre : Indie,Electronica,Piano-Pop,Post-Rock,Japan GOOD!!


01. mai
02. unknown
03. nm
04. rio
05. cast a spell on her
06. a portrait
07. sea
08. shell for mew
09. early monsoon
10. when we were
11. screen
Tracklist1. inc.
2. roam in octave
3. it remains to be seen
4. quiet warp
5. perspective
6. Russian Gothic bold
7. short films
8. an

Not even two months after releasing ISOLATION, Spangle call Lilli line releases a new album titled PURPLE on Nov. 12, reports Intended to be a counterpart work to ISOLATION, PURPLE goes the opposite route of its predecessor’s classical bent, focusing instead on a laid-back sound that involves the entire band. There’s a lot more description in the article and on the band’s web site, but essentially, the band is pulling a Use Your Illusion. Spangle call Lilli line will also embark on a 10th anniversary tour.

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