Scarlet s Well - Gatekeeper (2008) MP3/Flac

Scarlet’s Well - Gatekeeper (2008)

Scarlet s Well - Gatekeeper (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Folk-Rock,Alternative


01 This Is The Story Of My Life
02 Golden, It Is, Beautiful
03 Piepentube
04 New Friends
05 My Little Doll
06 I Am A Canvas
07 Mid-Morning Lily Songs
08 The Monkey’s Hand
09 This November Night
10 I Sleep Amongst The Tall, Tall Flowers
11 My Heart Is Leaping

Scarlet’s Well started as a studio project in 1998, and has since released six albums with Siesta Records (Spain): “Strange Letters” (1999), “The Isle Of The Blue Flowers” (2000), “Alice In The Underworld” (2002), “The Dream Spider Of The Laughing Horse” (2004), “Unreal” (live, 2005), “Black Tulip Wings” (2006). A seventh album will be released in Autumn 2008.“Strange songs playing, so darkly chanted With words that I feel but don’t understand”Scarlet’s Well is a band of eccentrics for eccentrics, dandies, grannies, choir boys, mariners, twee poppers and indefatigable travellers. The music should ideally be experienced under a flickering light with a glass of fine mead in the company of fey maidens and prattling moles…alternatively, go and see them live…you will come out with naughty little fairies nibbling at the musical bits of your brain!

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