Bucks Fizz - El Mundo De Illusión - 1982 MP3/Flac

Bucks Fizz - El Mundo De Illusión - 1982Bucks Fizz - El Mundo De Illusión - 1982

Bucks Fizz are a British pop group, formed in 1981 to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest that year. They won with "Making Your Mind Up", which is still their best-known song. The group was initially made up of four vocalists: Bobby G, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston, whose gimmick was that they were all blond. The group went on to have a successful career around the world, although mainly in the UK where they had three No.1 singles and became one of the top-selling groups of the 1980s.
The line-up has been much changed over the years, particularly since Nolan's departure in 1996. Bucks Fizz have always continued with Bobby always at the helm. His wife, Heidi Manton has stayed alongside him since 1993 - she will become the second longest serving member of the group in 2008 despite not being an original member or appearing on any of the bands recordings.


01. Bucks Fizz - Otra Noche (Another Night)
02. Bucks Fizz - Hoy Siento Soledades (Getting Kinda Lonely)
03. Bucks Fizz - Vía Libre (One Way Love)
04. Bucks Fizz - Brillar (Shine On)
05. Bucks Fizz - Todo Ha Terminado (Now You're Gone)
06. Bucks Fizz - El Mundo De Ilusión (Land Of Make Believe)
07. Bucks Fizz - Yo Sé Qué Es Amor (It's Got To Be Love)
08. Bucks Fizz - Robos Y Asaltos (Breaking And Entering)
09. Bucks Fizz - Eso Fue Ayer (Now Those Days Are Gone)
10. Bucks Fizz - Noches Sin Ti (One Of Those Nights)

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