The best music of Lime MP3/Flac

The best music of Lime

In the cluttered landscape of 12" singles, Lime is one of the few that actually put out full LPs... and several great ones at that.

Lime consisted of husband and wife team Denis and Denyse LePage. Denis had done many years work previous producing several killer tracks, some of which I have posted on the Red Room before. With Lime though, the LePage team branched out to do their own act. With a unique trademark style, Lime mixed the synth heavy aspects of the dance early 80's with many acoustic percussion elements, wurlitzer electric pianos, and many layers and textures in a style unique to themselves. The strong songwriting abilities, production, playing, syncopation and melodies are apparent album after album. (Lime II and III are Red Room favorites) Vocally, Denis had a low raspy voice set along side Denise's betty-boop high which made an unmistakable match.

The best music of Lime

Also of note, as Denis and Denise were of an older age and with Denis focus being on production, once the demand for a touring Lime grew, they hired a young duo of "stunt doubles" who in their place would tour about the discos of the day and pose as the real Lime, singing on top of the studio backing tracks.


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The best music of Lime

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