Trax - Bailando en la calle (Dancing In The Street) LP 1978 MP3/Flac

It's a very rare disco LP. Trax is Pette Bellotte and Keith Forsey.Produced by Pete Bellotte.Recorded in Musicland Studios, Munich (Germany)

INFO:Trax was a side project by Giorgio Moroder's partner Pette Bellotte and their usual drummer, Keith Forsey (also of Munich Machine).It's a mixed bag: half consists of mere filler, at least with today's ears (and that includes their fast version
of Motown's "Dancing in the street"). But the other half is really worth listening: "Crusader" is a powerful drum-led disco track, a bit a la Cerrone, with plenty of space for Forsey to shine.
"Boom Boom (schmaltz schmaltz)" makes a great pop ending, with a taste of that Twenties sound that the movie "The
sting" had imposed some years earlier. This one is really catchy.However, the dance track that makes it worthwhile is "Baby What's Your Number", a really speedy song that shoulda been a hit somewhere; it deserved it. However, Giorgio kept Bellotte busy in other things and Trax (which also released a LP called Watch Out in 1979) was only a footnote in the producer's career