Cafe Society - Somebody To Love (1984) MP3/Flac

Cafe Society - Somebody To Love (1984)

For some reason all the best tracks for me seem to come from '83-84. Another case in point...

"Somebody To Love" is a cover version of the famous song by Jefferson Airplane.
And a kick-ass version at that. Caf?? Society, a mostly studio band, "were one of the most successful white South Africa acts of the mid-80's."

"The band, featuring Julia Jade Aston of the defunct Working Girls, is the brainwave of multi-instrumentalist singer and producer Costa Anadiotis, formerly of Fantasy, once one of Johannesburg's foremost club dance rock bands." (Top 40 magazine, September 1985)

Cafe Society - Somebody To Love (1984)

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Somebody to Love?
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