Just Mix Italo by V2M MP3/Flac

Just Mix Italo by V2M

JustMix Italo by V2M
114MB/320kBit/s/complet cover

01. Megamix (mixed by Ve'nik, MK-60 & Acetone)

01. Savage "A Love Again"
02. Radiorama "Aliens"
03. P. Lion "Happy Children"
04. Danny Keith "Keep On Music"
05. Rose "Magic Carillon"
06. Italian Boys "Forever Lovers"
07. Jules "You And Me"
08. Solid Strangers "My Delight"
09. Joe Yellow "I'm Your Lover"
10. K.B. Caps "Do You Really Need Me"
11. Ken Laszlo "Tonight"
12. T. Ark "Undercover Lover"
13. Mike Mareen "Love Spy"
14. Max-Him "Lady Fantasy"

Play Time 18:44

02. ALT V2M Version (mixed by Altman)

01. Joe Yellow "I'm Your Lover"
02. Solid Strangers "My Delight"
03. Lee Marrow "Mr. Fantasy"
04. Rose "Magic Carillon"
05. Jules "You And Me"
06. Italian Boys "Forever Lovers"
07. Ken Laszlo "Tonight"
08. Mike Rogers "Just A Story"
09. Savage "A Love Again"
10. Radiorama "Aliens"
11. Saphire "Shot In The Night"
12. Gazebo "I Like Shopin"
13. Felli "Diamond In The Night"
14. Latin Lover "Casanova Action"
15. Mike Mareen "Love Spy"

Play Time 18:35

03. Santa Mix Italo (mixed by MK-60)

01. Facts & Fiction "Give Me The Night"
02. K.B. Caps "Do You Really Need Me"
03. T. Ark "Undercover Lover"
04. Ken Laszlo "Tonight"
05. Joe Yellow "I'm Your Lover"

Play Time 5:35

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