Attack - The secret place - 1995 MP3/Flac

Attack  - The secret place - 1995Attack - The secret place - 1995

Recorded in March/ April 1995 at Prison-Studio, Iceland-Studio & Tonstudio Hövethor.
Time: 45:29.

Ricky Van Helden - Lead- & Backing-Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Flute.
Thorsten Köhne - Lead- & Rhythm Guitar.
Peter Oko - Lead- & Rhythm Guitar.
Zacki Tsoukas - Drums.
Eng.: Klaus Bongaertz, Andreas Torkler, Ralf Frauenrath. Mix.: Ricky Van Helden. Mast.: Andreas Torkler.
Produced by Ricky Van Helden 1995.


01. Light in the Dark (Van Helden)
02. I know (Van Helden)
03. Forgotten Dreams (Van Helden)
04. The Prophecy (Van Helden)
05. Walk alone (Van Helden)
06. Mortal Energy (Van Helden)
07. Tsoukata (Van Helden/ Tsoukas/ J. S. Bach)
08. The Warrior (Van Helden)
09. Heroes die young (Van Helden)
10. Warp Speed, now! (Van Helden)

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