Disco digitale - COMPUTER DREAMS MP3/Flac

Disco digitale - COMPUTER DREAMS



1 Taken To The Stars
2 Videogirl
3 Digital Love
4 Lightspeed
5 Silent Emotions
6 Another World
7 Computer Dream
8 I Scream The Body Electric
9 Lady Electricity
10Cosmic Defender
11Love Fever


1 Intro
2 Living In A Fantasy
3 Tokyo UFO
4 Digitalized
5 Taken To The Stars
(Chinese Theatre De Remix)
6 Videogirl
(Octolab Remix)
7 Silent Emotions
(Too Many Vocals Mix By Baby Dont Hurt Yourself)
8 I Scream The Body Electric
(Funkyshit Remix By Code 64)
9 Another World
(Thermostatic Remix)
10 Digital Love
(Disco Digitale Extended Version)
11 Lightspeed
(Floating In The Endless Void Rmx By Bdhy)

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