Marc Fruttero - Just For The Record MP3/Flac

Marc Fruttero - Just For The Record


A 80s demos collection, plus a few unreleased masters. The album also contains a 1985 demo for "Darkness", the original Easy listening mix for "When the snow falls down", duet with Francesca Oliveri (Aquarius project), and first "If you’re feeling blue" demo arranged by L.A.Messina, on music by Dyva. At the end, two modern remixes of "Darkness" and "Magic".
IMPORTANT: Cafepress is currently experiencing a technical issue and is no longer able to allow samples played on the site for CDs. I apologise for this inconvenient. Anyway, if you wish to listen to some samples taken from ”JUST FOR THE RECORD…”, please go to: And play ”Darkness” (Dub mix), ”Magic”(modern drums remix) and ”Darkness” (original 1985 demo). Thank you!


1. If You're Feeling Blue(Original Demo) 05:48
2. Deep Inside Of Your Heart(Original Demo) 05:34
3. The Seafarers (Bells Mix) 05:38
4. I Wanna Live With You(Short Version) 03:36
5. Fairyland (Original Demo) 04:27
6. Clara (1983 Demo) 04:47
7. Melodia (Piano Solo Demo) 03:36
8. When The Snow Falls Down(Easy Listening Version) 04:37
9. Why 05:10
10.Darkness (1985 Demo) 05:11
11.Darkness (Jerry's Dub Mix) 06:17
12.Magic (Modern Drums Remix) 06:07
13.Eternal Game (Dance Version) 04:57
14.Ghost Lake 05:29

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