ItaloMix Obsession 2009 MP3/Flac

ItaloMix Obsession 2009
Artist:DJITALO & Dj MaXX
Title Of Album: ItaloMix Obsession 2009
Year Of Release:December-26-2008
Label:Odi-Recordings S.a.r.l
Bitrate:320kbps / 44,1kHz / SDts 5.2
Total Time:09:31:06 hours
Total Size: 1027 MB
Copyright:Odi Recordings

italomix 12 Tracklist:

1-Steve Martin - Let Me Go (INtro)
2-Mr Zhivago - I can tell by your eyes
3-Domina - You Got My Soul
4-The Creatures - Inspiration
5-Giak - Inside You
6-Savage - Radio
7-B.B.Bonsai - Prince Of the Night
8-Bruno Mosti - Stay With Me (Re-Edit)
9-Dyva - Clap Again
10-Gazebo - I Like Chopin (Disco Club Remix)
11-Moskow - Come Back
12-Fresh Color - Modern
13-Danny Keith - Keep On music
14-Biba - Wanting You
15-Canton - Sleepwalking
16-Maurice Yesterday - Come ON
17-Baltimora - Tarzan Boy (Summer Mix)
18-Radiorama - Chance to Desire
19-Mac Jr - Elephant Song
20-Dario Dell'Aere - Eagles In The Night
21-Paul Paul - Good Times
22-Paul Crazy - Believe Me
23-Florence - Now and Forever
24-Marco Martelli Dj - Country Girl
25-Tango - Computerized Love
26-Bruno Mosti - Music Of My Star
27-Fat - Take Me Down
28-Cruz - Just For You
29-Ricardo Campa - Another Day
30-Gj Lunghi - Acapulco Night (Swedish Remix)
31-Nemesy - I Wanna Dance
32-LaLa - Johnny, Johnny (M.Ferrez Ext. Mix)
33-The Creatures - Japan (Piano Ver.)
34-The Voyagers - Distant Planet
35-Angel - When you sing for me
36-Miko Mission - Two for Love (Swedish Remix)
37-Patrol - Invisible
38-Ghery M & Ocean D - Love's Emotion
39-Michael Maltese - It Isn't Changed
40-Pancho Ballet - Dancing Shoes
41-Noe Willer - Midnight Girl - Toi Femme Publique
42-Alex Valentini - Beautiful Life (Revelution remix)
43-Miko Mission - How Old Are You (Swedish Remix)
44-George Aaron - She's A Devil
45-Floyd Parson - Shine On You
46-Valerie Dore - Get Closer
47-Steve Allen - Message Of Love
48-Savoir Faire - Talking To The stars
49-P.Lion - Dreams
50-Jim Player - Girl On the Phone
51-Shirley Ross - If You Leave Me Now (B Side)
52-Ryvon Dj - I'm Gonna Dance
53-Valerie Dore - The Night (Ben Liebrand Mix)
54-Ocean Wings - Loving In The Snow
55-Lisa G - Call My Name
56-New Look - Stage
57-Madigan - Ice Cold Love
58- Mike Rogers - Just A Story
59-Talko - The Hustle (Rap)
60-Bazooka - Alive
61-Malcom and the bad girls - Shoot Me
62-M&G - When I let You Down
63-Marc Line - Little Girl
64-Paciscopi - Love's Harmony
65-L.A. Messina - Say Sandie
66-Christina M. - Mirror of my Soul
67-Novecento - Movin ON
68-Beba - Symphony Three
69-Hivoh - To Be Together (Another Version)
70-Funky Family - Funky is ON
71-F Simoncini - Susy Oh
72-Susanne Meals - Forever
73-Rive Gauche - Dansin Flame
74-Bruno Mosti - Zero Gravity (Ext.2008 Ver.)
75-93rd Superbowl - Forever and a Day
76-D.J. Program & Mr Drummond - Desire
77-Gianni Mocchetti - Come Come Together (Power Mix)
78-Mr Zivago - Russian Paradise
79-G&C - In The Night
80-Eugene - Livin in Your Love
81-Ranko - Happy World
82-Marc Fruttero - Disco Silvia (Home Studio Mastered Mix)
83-L.A. Messina - Day dream
84-Casablanca - Wonderful Train
85-Yvonne Koomen - Last Night
86-Jessica Blue - The Dark of Light
87-Madigan - Ice Cold Love(intro Beats)
88-Simon Marsh - Echoing Heart
89-Joe Yellow - I'm Your Lover
90-Luca Coveri - Do it again
91-Hot Cold - I Can Hear Your Voice
92-One System - Life is very Short
93-Cosa Rosa - Toledo Girl
94-Fabian Nesti - Heigh Ho (Special Remix)
95-Electra - Cuando Cuando
96-Instant - Pinball Dance On
97-Klaus - My Emotion
98-Marc Fruttero - Memories
99-L.A. Messina - My Illusion (Wawa Ver)
100-Marc Fruttero - I Wanna Live with you
101-Marc Fruttero - If Your feeling blue (another ver.)
102-Dr. Faustus - Cyber People
103-Time - Love is the Reason
104-Sir J - Sunny
105-Torrevado - Living In a Shuttle
106-Mike Rogers - Happy Moon (remix)
107-Ray Allen & Paul Faber - Happy Music
108-Robert Bravo - Love Me Like I Do (Remix)
109-Alan Fox - Please Don't Go
110-Flexx - You'll Never Change No More
111-Twilight - Sound Again
112-Danny Keith - Love Me Again
113-Fred Ventura - The Years
114-Klapto - Queen of the night
115-Webo - Magic Moment
116-Mr Zivago - Little Russian
117-Mark - dreamland
118-Duke Lake - DAnce Tonight
119-Felli - Shadows of the night
120-Steve Allen - Letter From My Heart
121-Marco Martina - Venture in My Heart
122-Brian Davis - Changin' Boys(personal version)
123-Art of Love - Looking Through The night
124-Lazarus - Wait (Remix)
125-Fresh Color - Sing with me Tonight
126-Jaco - Spanish Run
127-Charley - I Can't Love
128-Tato - Crazy Boy
129-Ventura - Another Time
130-D. Carred - You'll be a winner
131-Camomilla - Buenas Noches (Tequila Ver.)
132-Chianese - day by day
133-D.f. Pam - Flash into my life
134-Stravaganza - Hold me on your heart
135-E.T. 84 - Hello somebody
136-Lovables - It's Beautiful
137-Mozzart - Malice and Vice
138-Blue Russell - I Wanna Fly Away
139-Aki - Tokio's
140-Primadonna - Flashing on the floor
141-Limit Eccitaion - In the dark
142-Kissing the Kiss - Run stop
143-Marylitz - She's A Bad Girl
144-Primadonna - Angel Eyes
145-Angie - Clouds
146-Next - You're an Illusion
147-Kermesse - Mrs Moon
148-Tiziana Rivale - Ferma Il Mondo
149-Peter Arcade - Rainfall Memories
150-Felli - Pretty Girl
151-Degan - Longing for Summertime
152-Lee Max - Stand Up tonight
153-Phil Sun - Dancing ON the Beach
154-Cheaps - Moliendo Cafe
155-Jimmy McFoy - Hi Girl
156-Ted Marvin - Malinda Balinda
157-Ken scott - The Voice I feel Inside
158-Doctor Faust - A Whiter shade of Pale
159-Mark Owen - This Moment
160-D.D. Band - Mistery Woman
161-Sue Sadlow - I Will find my way
162-J.D. Jaber - Don't Wake me up
163-Kris Tallow - Emotions Game
164-Russell Russell - From Here
165-Vivien Vee - Higher
166-Mr. Flagio - Take A chance
167-Humphrey Robertson - Don't Stop Loving Me
168-Duke Lake - Do You
169-Brando - Rainy Days (86' Remix)
170-Borneo - Time after Time
171-Morris - Tonight's the Night
172-Gary Low - Nonstop searching
173-Roberto Onofri - Let's Go Out
174-Bruno Mosti - Jump Down
175-Mark Adams - I know YOur Mind
176-Black Book - You Must Change(Mystery Woman)
177-Styloo - Pretty Face
178-Novecento - Someday (Remix)
179-Alan Ross - Valentino Mon Amour
180-Maskio - Subway (Roller Force)
181-Patrick Palma - Moonlight serenade
182-Blu I boy - Night of Ecstasy (Special Summer Version)
183-Time - Selling Song
184-Barry Mason - Together
185-Mark Turner & Lorens Goodman - Live Your Life
186-Anthony's Game - Sunshine Love
187-Fake - Frogs in spain
188-Ricky Maltese - Rainy Day
189-Paul Paul - Burn on the Flames
190-New Sin - Old Man
191-Blu I Boy - Night of ecstasy (Cd Rip)
192-Time - Don't stop
193-d. Carred - I want to know the world
194-Gazebo - Alice in Wonderland
195-George Aaron - Heaven (L-Ectro vox Mix)
196-Salvy and Giuly - Stop The World
197-Fabian Nesti - Brand New Day
198-Milou - Sentimental Lover
199-Karl Otto & Joey Mauro - Electric Love
200-Marc Fruttero - Fairyland
201-Love Kills - I want to become
202-Sharks - I Love You
203-Matisse - Fool For Love
204-Max Him - No Escape
205-Vic Trick - I want some1 2 love
206-Camomilla - queen of the Night
207-Clay Pedrini - New Dream
208-Camomilla - Come On Everybody
209-Helicon - You See
210-Jd Jaber - Don't Stop Loving
211-Den Harrow - Future Brain
212-Gatsby - Love Sign
213-alyne - Over The Sky (Concert Hall Mix)
214-Kata - Fire's In The Night
215-Natasha King - On Ice (Remix)
216-Angie Care - Your Mind
217-Fresh Color - Sing With me Tonight (space Mix)
218-Jonathan Gable - Central Park
219-Casco - Cybernetic Love
220-P.A.A.C. Society - Fantasy
221-Rudy - A Love Affair
222-Cyber People - Void Vision / Visitors
223-Mr. Lover - Run For Cover
224-Brand Image - Love in a summernight
225-Joli Band - Paradiso
226-Helen - Witch
227-Witch Elizabeth - My destiny
228-Cruisin Gang - Be My Life
229-Tiziana Rivale - Moviestory
230-Phil sun - Baby Goodbye
231-Kristin Petit - Tonight I'll Make You Mine
232-Carrara - Disco King
233-Mr Rocambo - I've Got Your Soul
234-Gazebo - Love In your Eyes
235-Mike stevens - Two Hearts
236-Joey Moon - Angelica (Remixed)
237-Peter Arcade - Into Marta's Eyes
238-City O - Rose of tokyo
239-Mark Tower - You Aren't Fall In Love
240-Roy - Shooting Star
241-Talko - Psyco Flash (Radio Ver.)
242-Ken Lazslo - Tonight (swedish remix)
243-Ryan Paris - Dolce vita (Disco Mania Remix)
244-Bolero - I Wish
245-Alex Chroma Band - A New Day
246-Karl Otto & Joey Mauro - Broken Emotions
247-Thai Break - Flowers in the rain
248-Texas Johnny - superman
249-Lucien David - Close To Me
250-Ric Fellini - Souvenir d'amour
260-Time - Shaker Shaker
261-Gazebo - Masterpiece
262-Zener - New generation
263-Noa Noa - Harry O'
264-Styloo - Miss You
265-Claudio Mingardi - Star
266-The Managers - One Race
267-Gary Low - I Want You
268-Dan Eller - Carillon

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