Queen - Hollywood Bonus Tracks (2 CDs) MP3/Flac

Queen - Hollywood Bonus Tracks (2 CDs)

QUEEN. Hollywood Bonus Tracks (2CDs) | 244 MB |

Artist - QUEEN
Genre - retro/rock
Format - MP3
Bitrate - 320 Kbps
Size - 244 MB/2 parts

In 1991, Hollywood Records released in the US the first 12 Queen studio records, including exclusive remixes, B-sides and demos, not available on similar editions anywhere else. Though some of those tracks were available on singles or compilations, there are a few which haven't been made available on any other official release. Each bonus tracks from those albums are ripped and compiled in this release. At last, they're all together on the same place...


From Queen I

1.- Mad The Swine (Previously Unreleased) [03:21]
2.- Keep Yourself Alive (Long Lost Re-Take) [04:04]
3.- Liar (1991 Bonus Remix by John Lungo and Gary Hellmann) [06:26]
From Queen II
4.- See What A Fool I've Been [Original B-Side] [04:38]
5.- Ogre Battle [1991 Bonus Remix by Nicholas Sansano] [03:29]
6.- Seven Seas of Rhye [1991 Bonus Remix by FreddyBastone] [06:35]
From A Night At The Opera
7.- I'm In Love With My Car [1991 Bonus Remix by Mike Shipley] [03:28]
8.- You're My Best Friend [1991 Bonus Remix by Matt Wallace] [02:51]
From A Day At The Races
9.- Tie Your Mother Down [1991 Bonus Remix bty Matt Wallace] [03:44]
10.- Somebody To Love [1991 Bonus Remix by Randy Badazz] [05:00]
From News Of The World
11.- We Will Rock You [1991 Bonus Remix Ruined by Rick Rubin] [05:00]

From Jazz

1.- Fat Bottomed Girls [1991 Bonus Remix by Brian Malouf] [04:24]
2.- Bicycle Race [1991 Bonus Remix by Junior Vasquez] [04:58]
From Flash Gordon
3.- Flash's Theme [1991 Bonus Remix by Mista Lawnge 9.5] [06.42]
From The Game
4.- Dragon Attack [1991 Bonus Remix by R.A.K. and Jack Benson] [04:22]
From Hot Space
5.- Body Language [1991 Bonus Remix by Susan Rogers] [04:44]
From The Works
6.- I Go Crazy [03:43]
7.- Radio Ga Ga [Extended Version] [06:52]
8.- I Want To Break Free [Extended Mix] [07:12]
From A Kind Of Magic
9.- One Vision [Extended Vision] [06:28]
From Thr Miracle
10.- The Invisible Man [12" Version]
11.- Scandal [12" Version]

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