Clube do Euro Disco - Vol. 06 - Short Versions MP3/Flac

Clube do Euro Disco - Vol. 06 - Short Versions

Clube do Euro Disco - Vol. 06
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01-Francesco Napoli - Balla...Balla - Vol. 01 (7'' Version) (4m 10s)
02-Curacao - Yiasou (Free Radio Mix) (3m 34s)
03-Mr. Flagio - Take A Chance (Single Version) (4m 00s)
04-Luisa Fernandez - Like A Hurricane (7'' Version) (3m 33s)
05-Fancy - Come Inside (7'' Mix) (4m 28s)
06-M & H Band - Pop Corn (Radio Version) (3m 56s)
07-Night Society - Hold Me Tight (Tonight) (7''Version) (3m 48s)
08-Kelly Brown - Only You Can (You Make Me Feel) (Radio Edit) (3m 39s)
09-Boys Next Door - Lady Of The Night (Single) (3m 35s)
10-Danny Keith - Love Me Again (Radio Version) (5m 09s)
11-Joy - Cheek To Cheek (Single) (3m 48s)
12-Cora - Amsterdam (Single) (4m 09s)
13-Peter Arcade - We Were (Radio Edit) (3m 48s)
14-Samoa Park - Tubular Affair (Single Version) (3m 29s)
15-Spaghetti Mix - Part 01 (Radio) (4m 37s)
16-Spaghetti Mix - Part 02 (Radio) (3m 54s)

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