Love Story - Full album MP3/Flac

Love Story - Full album

Love Story OST | VA | MP3 | 192 Kbps | 42 MB

Artist : Various Artists
Genre: Classic
Year : 2004
Quality : MP3 | 192 kbps
Size : 42 Mb
The album contains a mix of beautiful recordings, with the classic 70s bass and drum sounds. A lovely sounding harpsichord appears through out and works amazingly against a girls voice, who sings so softly with the music. The piano and the strings make the album.

Track Lists

1. Theme From Love Story
2. Snow Frolic
3. Piano Sonata No.12 In F K332: 1. Allegro
4. I Love You, Phil
5. The Christmas Trees
6. Search For Jenny
7. Bozo Barrett
8. Skating In Central Park
9. The Long Walk Home
10. Concerto No.3 In D: Allegro
11. Theme From Love Story (Finale)

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