Rock 'n' Roll Era Rockin' Merry Christmas MP3/Flac

Rock 'n' Roll Era Rockin' Merry Christmas

Rock 'n' Roll Era: Rockin' Merry Christmas [2001]
Genre : Pop / Rock / Rock & Roll / Christmas
Quality : MP3 CBR ~192K/s
Included : Covers (Front Back CD)
Size : 48 MB (Rapidshare & Megaupload)

Like other volumes in the series, Rock 'N' Roll Era: Rockin' Merry Christmas looks back to the early days of rock & roll and gathers a modest number of holiday-themed performances. Some of the featured performers here include the Beach Boys ("Little Saint Nick"), Bobby Vee ("I'll Be Home for Christmas"), the Chipmunks ("Chipmunk Song [Christmas Don't Late]"), and the Moonglows ("Just a Lonely Christmas"). Overall, a well-assembled collection of '50s-era rock, even if it is a bit short on quantity.

Track Listing
[2:00] 01. Little Saint Nick [The Beach Boys]
[3:06] 02. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town [Hank Ballard]
[2:55] 03. Merry Christmas, Baby [Charles Brown]
[2:40] 04. Call Me for Christmas [Gary U.S. Bonds]
[3:23] 05. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus [Dion]
[2:21] 06. Christmas Don't Late [The Chipmunks]
[1:59] 07. I'll Be Home for Christmas [Bobby Vee]
[4:10] 08. All Alone on Christmas [Darlene Love]
[2:34] 09. Winter Wonderland [Bill Doggett]
[2:09] 10. Frosty (the Snowman) [Jan & Dean]
[2:20] 11. Sleigh Ride [The Ventures]
[2:27] 12. just a Lonely Christmas [The Moonglows]

Total Playing Time: 32:09 (min:sec)

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