van canto-hero MP3/Flac

van canto-hero

Genre: A Cappella Epic Power Metal
Country: Germany
Quality: mp3 | VBR 224 kbps
Size: 72.4 MB
Release Date: September 26th, 2008
Label: GUN records / Sony BMG

Total Playing Time: 48:34 min

Current Line-Up:

Dennis Schunke - Lead Vocals (Synasthasia)
Inga Scharf - Lead Vocals (Fading Starlight)
Stefan Schmidt - Lower "Rakkatakka" Vocals, "Wahwah" Solo Guitar Vocals (Jester's Funeral, Fading Starlight)
Ross Thompson - Higher "Rakkatakka" Vocals (Deadly Sin, The Display)
Ingo Sterzinger - Lowest "Dandan" Voice Chords
Bastian Emig - Drums (Jester's Funeral, Hades (Chn), Narakam)

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