Opus - Millennium Edition - 2001 MP3/Flac

Opus - Millennium Edition - 2001Opus - Millennium Edition - 2001

Opus is an Austrian pop-rock group from Graz which was formed in 1973, and is still active today. The Band is renowned for its One hit wonder "Live is Life" in the mid-1980s.
n 1985 they released "Live Is Life" which topped the charts in many countries, and a live recording of the song even made the Top 40 in the USA in 1985. It reached No 6 in the UK charts on August 3, 1985 and stayed in the charts for 15 weeks. The track remains popular as a sing-along song for crowds at sports events in Europe. Cover versions were also performed by Starkoo, Laibach, Hungarian band Tormentor, Estonian band Kuldne Trio (Laip is Laip) and also DJ Ötzi, as a guest, released a version with the Hermes House Band in 2003. This version stalled at No 50 in the UK charts.
Another one of Opus's standout tracks is the power ballad "Flyin' High," a live version of which appears on the Live is Life album as well as the American release of Up and Down (the album that also included "Live is Life" and was the band's most successful album in the States). Unfortunately, the tune did not chart in America. At a mid-80s concert, fellow Austrian rock-star Falco joined Opus on stage for a moving rendition of this song. Coincidentally, although the concert appears to have taken place in their native Austria, Opus and Falco are perhaps the two best-known Austrian rock music acts to successfully cross over to American audiences.
Opus is still active, but has not enjoyed the same success since "Live Is Life", and is generally considered a one-hit wonder. The band had some success with other songs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, but not in non-German speaking countries.


* Herwig Rüdisser (Vocals)
* Ewald Pfleger (Guitar)
* Kurt-Rene Plisnier (Keyboard)
* Günter Grasmuck (Drums)


01 A Night In Vienna
02 Live Is Life
03 Can You Hear Me
04 Whiteland
05 Over And Over (The Watersong)
06 Every Now And Then
07 When The Night Comes
08 Somewhere - Somehow
09 Faster And Faster
10 Idolater
11 On The Surface
12 Very Nice Lady
13 The Day Of The Dawn
14 The Curtain Down
15 Anytime At All

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