Talking System - (In My) Backstreet Heaven [Exclusive] MP3/Flac

Talking System - (In My) Backstreet Heaven [Exclusive]

Talking System - (In My) Backstreet Heaven
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Backing Vocals by System In Blue

01-Talking System - (In My) Backstreet Heaven (3m 08s)
02-Talking System - My Bed Is Too Big (3m 24s)
03-Talking System - Sexy Sexy Lover (3m 39s)
04-Talking System - Doctor Mabuse (4m 54s)
05-Talking System - Ready For The Victory (3m 39s)
06-Talking System - Lucifer (3m 31s)
07-Talking System - You Are Not Alone (3m 44s)
08-Talking System - Sorry Little Sarah (3m 15s)
09-Talking System - China In Her Eyes (3m 48s)
10-Talking System - Deja Vu (3m 35s)
11-Talking System - You're My Heart, You're My Soul (3m 17s)
12-Talking System - Six Years - Six Nights (3m 57s)
13-Talking System - Brother Louie (3m 27s)
14-Talking System - Under My Skin (3m 37s)
15-Talking System - Cheri Cheri Lady (2m 55s)
16-Talking System - (In My) Backstreet Heaven (SN - Malone Dub Mix) (3m 41s)

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