Vandenberg - Countdown Cafe Live MP3/Flac

Vandenberg - Countdown Cafe Live

Here's a treat!!....Ultra rare!!

Vandenberg Live at Countdown Cafe supporting the release of their first album!!

I taped this short concert from a broadcast of a dutch radioprogram called Countdown Cafe.
If I remember well it was somewhere around christmas time 1981 0r 1982.
I actually thought I had lost this tape since I hadn't seen for over 10 years now until the
other day when I was going through a couple of old boxes and to my surprise there it was!!

The Quality is simply amazing considering the fact that this tape is nearly 25 years old!
Surely the high frequencies have suffered a little as well as a bit of oversteer,noise and
a few cracks but nothing really too bad so I decided not to mess with it and leave it completely untouched.


1. Lost In The City
2. Back On My Feet Again
3. Burning Heart
4. Wait
5. Nothing To Loose
6. Too Late

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