Jackie Chan - Heartbeat of Jackie - 1996 MP3/Flac

Jackie Chan - Heartbeat of Jackie - 1996Jackie Chan - Heartbeat of Jackie - 1996

Still only a few fans know that Jackie has made over 10 albums since 1984.
Jackie started singing at the Peking Opera School where he lived when he was 7 to 17 years old.
The first song he sang for his fans was many years later in 1980 called "Kung Fu Fighting Man" from his movie "The Young Master".
Jackie has sung in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and even Taiwanese!
He has released more than 100 songs during the last 20 years although he doesn't release albums that regular now like he did in the 80s...


1. - How Come
2. - Would Rather Say Goodbye In Dreams
3. - Red Sun
4. - I Know How You Feel
5. - Cry With You, Laugh With You
6. - In The Cold Rain
7. - Let Me Be Your Man
8. - I Would Start To Speak But I Can't
9. - So Much Love
10.- I Love Hong Kong

track 1-9: in Mandarin
track 10: in Cantonese

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