V.A.That's Eurobeat~Non Stop Mix Vol.2 - 1987 MP3/Flac

Released in Japan - 1987 ALFA
Label: Alfa Records, Inc
Format: CD, Mixed
Country: Japan
Released: 1987
Notes:STOCK AITKEN WATERMAN That's Eurobeat Non-Stop Mix Vol.2 (1987
Japanese 14-track promo sample LP with one side devoted to SAW &
one to Michel Fortunati Mega Mixes, complete with Japanese insert)
01 Into The Night ( Slip And Slide ) -- Michael Fortunati
02 Please Don't Go -- Michael Fortunati
03 Energyse -- Michael Fortunati
04 Gonna Get You -- Michael Fortunati
05 And I Know -- Michael Fortunati
06 Gioch Di Fortuna -- Michael Fortunati
07 Give Me Up -- Michael Fortunati
08 Stock Aitken & Waterman Mega Mix +
+ Includes After The Love Has Gone, Say I'm You Are Number One,
Tell Me Tomorrow, After The Love Has Gone,
Whatever I Do, I'm So Beautiful, Pistol In My Pocket

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