Hot Rock-A-Billy Vol. 4 von 20 MP3/Flac

Hot Rock-A-Billy Vol. 4 von 20

Le Roi Brothers -Ain't I'm A Dog
Jailbirds -Burning Love
The Buckaroos -Breakin Up The House
Blubbery Hellbellies -Pig Country
Deadbillys - Jackson
Danny Reno & The Seniors - Tear It Up
Rockets - Tongue Tied Jill
Eddy & The Backfires - High Speed Daddy
The Hi-Risers -Rockin' Spree
Blacktop Rockets - Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
Polecats -Woodpecker Rock
Lil' Esther & The Tin Stars - Drugstore Rock & Roll
Firebirds - All By Myself
The Billygoat Riders - Hard Headed Gal
Neva River Rockets - Rocking All Time
Jailbreakers - Wild One
Johnny Bach And His Moonshine Boozers - Jailhouse Rock
Tranquillizers - Long Blond Hair
Dusty Chance & The All Nighters -Do The Bop
Blue Dots -House Of The Rising Sun
The Rizlaz - Domino
Mabo & The 88 - Right Behind You Baby
Bots -Tokyo Junk Town
45 rpm - Eenie Meenie Miney Mo
Annita - Bigelow 6-200

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