The House OF Trance 2CD 1994 MP3/Flac

The House OF Trance 2CD 1994

Artist: Various Artists 1994
Flags: Collection (various artists)
Styles: Electronica, Trance, House
Ripped By: D9D

CD 1

Right in the Night (Fall in Love With Music) ... Jam el Mar, Nosie Katzmann, Mark Spoon Jam & Spoon, Plavka (7:14)
Slave to the Music ... Ruud VanRijen, Stay-C Stay-C, Nance, Twenty 4 Seven (5:54)
Never Alone ... D Rock, Bobby Boer 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor (5:24)
Let the Beat Control Your Body ... Jean Paul DeCoster, Phil Wilde, R.L. Slijngaard, Anita Dels 2 Unlimited (5:11)
Trancemusic Was Born ... Thomas Kukula, Andre Tanneberger All in Vain (5:28)
Krafty ... Naomi Naomi (4:29)
River II ... Nosie Katzmann Public Art & Boy (6:12)
Need U ... Dylan Barnes, Simon Ratcliffe Helicopter (6:22)
Nightlife ... (4:40)
Prayer Seven ... Felix J. Gauder, Nico Herz God's Groove (5:12)
Dancing Through the Night ... Ronnie Arduini, Gianfranco Bortolotti, M. Persona Sharada House Gang, Ann Marie Smith (5:43)
Rules da Nation ... Frank Tomiczek Yamai-A-Can (5:33)


Move on Baby ... Gianfranco Bortolotti, Burno Guerrini Cappella (8:17)
Plastic Dreams ... Robin Albers Jaydee (10:14)
At the Rate of the Time ... Phantom (3:43)
Que Idea '94 ... Zentral (5:08)
Move Your Body ... Gianfranco Bortolotti, Sam Zucchini, Max Castrezzati Anticappella (5:30)
Let the Sun In ... Transonic System (4:36)
Hey Everybody (Out of Control) ... Louie Lasky, Paul Strand, Steven Bond DJ Company (6:30)
Alex Party ... Visnadi, Alex Natale Alex Party (5:12)
Africa ... R. Gallo Salsotto Dynamic Base (4:33)
It Takes You ... Andreas H?tter X-Cite (5:41)
The Rhythm of the Night ... Francesco Bontempi, Annerley Gordon Corona (5:05)
Go Deeper ... Louie Lasky, Linda Rocco, Paul Strand, Steven Bond Linda Rocco (11:41)

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