Jean Michel Jarre - Concerts In China (1981) MP3/Flac

Jean Michel Jarre - Concerts In China (1981)


Jean Michel Jarre was the first western musician to be invited to play within the People's Republic of China in October 1981. The concerts were not a huge success: the Chinese audience were unfamiliar with the format and the style of music, and they only warmed to the laser show (which was very impressive at the time). The music was largely underrated, which is a shame as I feel that this CD remains one of Jarre's most impressive works. It collects together excerpts from five concerts that played in Peking in Shanghai.What makes this album stand out over his other material is the beautiful compositions

Jean Michel Jarre - Concerts In China (1981)

recorded from original VCR music video

Jarre merged his music with the artistry of Chinese musicians to create a revolutionary performance in 5.1 surround sound. The concert cost 5 million euros and boasted the most advanced techniques in lighting and sound design
In 1981 Jarre became a cultural ambassador between China and France by performing concerts in both Beijing and Shanghai; he was the first western musician to perform in the newly reformed republic, bringing China a futuristic experience that, through TV broadcast, reached an audience of over 500 million.
1. Overture
2. Arpegiator
3. Equinoxe
4. Fishing Junks At Sunset
5. Band In The Rain
6. Equinoxe
7. Orient Express
8. Magnetic Fields
9. Magnetic Fields
10. Magnetic Fields
11. Laser Harp
12. Night In Shanghai
13. Last Rumba
14. Magnetic Fields
15. Souvenir Of China

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