Duran Duran - Find Duran Duran MP3/Flac

Duran Duran - Find Duran Duran
Duran Duran - Find Duran Duran

Killer Remix Album From Duran Duran Featuring :

1. A View To A Kill(Art Of Mix)
2. A View To A Kill(Art Of Noise Mix)
3. A View To A Kill(That Fatal Kiss)
4. A View To A Kill(Video Version)
5. A View To A Kill Part II(Transmutator Remix)
6. Burning The Ground-Decadence(The Singeing The Floor Edit)
7. Burning The Ground
8. Decadence(Extended Mix)
9. Decadence(The Mannequin Edit)
10. Decadence(The New Decade CD Mix)
11. Decadence(7th Remix)
12. The Reflex(Reflexion Mix)
13. The Reflex(Come As You Are Remix)
14. The Reflex(Dance Mix)

1. Girls On Film(Europa Mix)
2. Girls On Film(Instrumental)
3. Late Bar(Bluesilver Remix)
4. Planet Earth(Digital Mix)
5. Planet Earth(Night Mix Alternate Mix(Rio Remixes))
6. Hold Back The Rain(Remix Alternate Mix)
7. Save A Prayer(Dance Remix George Chambers)
8. Save A Prayer(DMC Mix)
9. Save A Prayer(SuperMix)
10. The Chauffeur(Entrepid Remix)
11. The Chauffeur(Matty Mix(Arena Remixes))
12. Wild Boys(2000 Remix)
13. Wild Boys(Remix)
14. Wild Boys(Saint Ken's Dance Mix 2001)

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