B4 Slade MP3/Flac

In 1969 Chas Chandler (The Animals) took the position of manager for Ambrose Slade. Chandler shortened their name to Slade & told them to write more of their own material. He also suggested they go for the new "skinhead" image. Prior to Cos I Luv You reaching No.1 in the charts in November 1971 the band were working hard to get heard on the radio. The song written by Holder & Lea established a successful writing team which despite making the group the most successful in the UK since the Beatles, probably deprived the rock world of some interesting musical development.

In order to get the necessary airplay, the band, in there various guises, recorded many of the cover numbers they were performing in their live act at the time. Comin' Home, a Delaney & Bonnie track, was supposed to be included on the Slade Alive album. Most of the tracks were recorded at the BBC Studios for radio exposure. The P. Dello penned 'Honeybus' cover, 'Delighted To See You' was part of an Abbey Road session for EMI on the back of Kim Fowley's interst in the band. It finally came to light in the 90's on a little known EMI release 'Psychedelia at Abbey Road'.