Daniel Powter - Under The Radar [2008) MP3/Flac

Daniel Powter - Under The Radar [2008)Daniel Powter - Under The Radar [2008)
Label: Warner Bros.
Encoding: vbr
Size: 61mb

After hitting the big time in 2005 with his ubiquitous single 'Bad Day', Daniel Powter returns with 'Under The Radar, his third full-length effort. Produced by Linda Perry (who has worked with the likes of Pink, Courtney Love and ChristinaAguilera), this release is something of a career-reinvention for Powter, taking in a much more instrumentally diverse palette than his previous adherence to piano-led pop. Features the single 'Next Plane Home'.

1. Best Of Me
2. Not Coming Back
3. Whole World Around
4. Next Plane Home
5. Am I Still The One?
6. Negative Fashion
7. Don't Give Up
8. Fly Away
9. Beauty Queen
10. My So Called Life
11. Love You Lately (New Version)
12. Bad Day (Live In France) (UK Exclusive)

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