Chata [茶太] - Discography (2003-2013) MP3/Flac

Chata [茶太] - Discography (2003-2013)
Artist: Chata [茶太]
Title: Discography
Year Of Release: 2003-2013
Genre: JPop, Doujin, Anime music Chata [茶太] - Discography (2003-2013)
Quality: MP3 320 kbps

Chata (茶太?, born November 21, 1979) is a Japanese singer who has performed theme songs for video games and anime series. She has also participated in various dōjin music circles. Her own private circle is called Usagi Kinoko.

Chata began dabbling in music in 1998. She used to participate in writing lyrics on Niftyserve's forum for Original MIDI music. She has participated in many dojin music circles, mainly lending her vocals while for some she has voice-acted. At the same time she also releases works of her own under Usagi Kinoko, the circle she runs. She is the main vocalist for two dojin music circles, Idea (formerly known as Souleave) and My Sound Life. In March 2007, she collaborated with composer Yoko Shimomura and released her first major debut album, Murmur. In the same year, she performed the ending theme for the TV anime series Potemayo, which first broadcast in July.

Chata is known for her sweet, whisper-like voice. She is close friends with dojin musicians Rekka Katakiri and Haruka Shimotsuki, and they have collaborated on many occasions. They once formed the group Shimochamin, and from December 2006 to June 2007 the three of them hosted the internet radio show Harechatta Utatane Biyori. She, Rekka and Haruka have all performed on the Ar tonelico Hymmnos Musical - Side Cocona.

[2007.03.21] murmur (feat. Yoko Shimomura)
[2008.04.23] Sora no Kioku [空の記憶]
[2008.06.25] Chata no Wa [ちゃたのわ]
[2009.04.29] Chata Works Best [茶太 Works Best]
[2010.05.19] Nanairo [なないろ]
[2010.11.24] Chata Works Best II [茶太 Works Best II]

[2007.06.20] Bravery -Tadoritsukitai Kimi he- [Bravery ~辿り着きたい君へ~])
[2007.08.22] Utatane [うたたね]
[2007.10.26] Mag Mell~Dango Daikazoku (feat. eufonius) [メグメル / だんご大家族]
[2008.05.03] Suiheisen Made Nan Mile Image Song [水平線まで何マイル? イメージソング]
[2008.09.25] Torajima No Tatewaki, Shippo Uta [とらじまのたてわき、しっぽうた]

Doujin Albums
[2003.08.16] Chikai [Usagi Kinoko] [+誓い+]
[2005.08.13] living [idea]
[2006.04.29] fractal [my sound life]
[2006.08.13] eclipse [Usagi Kinoko]
[2006.10.09] crystal [my sound life]
[2006.12.31] Asayake Borderline [Voltage of Imagination] [あさやけぼーだーらいん]
[2007.04.29] rainbow [my sound life]
[2007.08.17] Shunta~Yuki no Wadachi [CLOCK MUSIC] [駿太/雪の轍]
[2007.08.24] Tabun Seishun [Usagi Kinoko] [たぶん青春]
[2007.10.08] fundamental [my sound life]
[2008.08.13] way and unknown [my sound life]
[2008.11.26] Greole [arcane]
[2008.12.29] Eclipse Kai [Usagi Kinoko] [eclipse 改]
[2009.01.16] Houan Souka [gienah] [崩闇葬歌]
[2009.08.15] Haru [HUMMING LIFE] [春]
[2009.08.15] Suimin Toshi [Perfect Vanity] [睡眠都市]
[2009.10.04] Sonzai no Tadashi Saha Fuzai [Voltage of Imagination] [存在の正しさは不在]
[2009.10.11] Niijiro Pop feat.solfa [虹色ポップス] (CBR 320 kbps)
[2009.12.12] Jiritsu -Sayonara 20-dai- [而立]
[2009.12.30] Kaleidoscope
[2010.04.14] Atarashi I Kaze [HUMMING LIFE] [風に吹かれて]
[2010.05.05] Midori Hyakuman no Nemuri [CLOCK MUSIC] [みどり / 百万の眠り]
[2010.05.14] light [my sound life]
[2010.08.13] Rakujitsu [落日]
[2010.10.31] Yume no Kakeru Shima (feat. Music Pandora) [夢の駆ける島]
[2011.05.01] new way to the star [my sound life]
[2011.08.13] Hinata [ひなた]
[2011.08.14] Rinkou Tosono Hoka [bassy] [燐光とその他 2+1]
[2012.04.30] wordless garden [my sound life]
[2012.08.11] your sound vision [my sound life]
[2012.10.28] square vision [my sound life]
[2012.12.31] Setsuna Memoria [Usagi Kinoko] [セツナメモリア] (VBR 267 kbps)

Doujin Singles
[2006.12.01] Puchitami [プチタミ]
[2008.02.29] Koisuru Kioku / Negai (feat. Yui Sakakibara) [恋する記憶 / ねがい]
[2008.07.23] Soon / Love Rice (feat. Sakakibara Yui) [Soon / ラブライス]
[2008.08.06] Suki da yo [好きだよ]
[2009.10.02] Hoshikuzu no Kizuna~Tasogare Sora [feat. Veil & Lia] [ほしうた ~starlight serenade~]
[2010.12.31] beta / Peaceful Days [HUMMING LIFE]
[2012.06.29] Dolphin Divers Special Disc
[2012.08.11] Favour [Eryps]
[2012.12.31] Life [Eryps]

Compilation Songs
Barbarian on the Groove Songs
Other Songs

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